OSKI Developer's Guide


Documents the OSKI library implemented by the Berkeley Benchmarking and OPtimization (BeBOP) group.This document describes the Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface (OSKI) library implementation, developed by the Berkeley Benchmarking and OPtimization (BeBOP) group. The official OSKI home page is


For an overview of the end-user interface and the research motivating its design, refer to the original OSKI Design Document.

For copyright and license information, see:


Getting Started

For information on how to obtain, install, and start using OSKI, refer to OSKI User's Guide. Most OSKI users will find the information they need there.

This Developer's Guide is extracted directly and automatically from the latest source code, and targets OSKI developers and advanced users of the library. These users may wish to read the Overview of the Implementation for an explanation of the major components and design of this implementation.


This document uses the following notation.
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