keropts.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Process kernel-specific command-line options.

#include <stdio.h>

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Data Structures

struct  kerargs_MatMult_t
 Arguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot x$. More...
struct  kerargs_MatTrisolve_t
 Arguments for the kernel, $x \leftarrow \alpha\mathrm{op}(T^{-1})\cdot x$. More...
struct  kerargs_MatTransMatMult_t
 Arguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot x$. More...
struct  kerargs_MatMultAndMatTransMult_t
 Arguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot A\cdot x$, $z \leftarrow \zeta\cdot z + \omega\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot w$. More...
struct  kerargs_MatPowMult_t
 $y \leftarrow \beta y + \alpha \mathrm{op}(A)^p\cdot x$ More...
struct  kernel_t
 Stores workload component arguments. More...

Name mangling.

#define kerargs_MatMult_t   MANGLE_(kerags_MatMult_t)
#define kerargs_MatTrisolve_t   MANGLE_(kerags_MatTrisolve_t)
#define kerargs_MatTransMatMult_t   MANGLE_(kerags_MatTransMatMult_t)
#define kerargs_MatMultAndMatTransMult_t   MANGLE_(kerags_MatMultAndMatTransMult_t)
#define kerargs_MatPowMult_t   MANGLE_(kerags_MatPowMult_t)
#define keropts_process   MANGLE_(keropts_process)
enum  kernel_types_t {
  KERNEL_NULL = 0, KERNEL_MatMult = 1, KERNEL_MatTrisolve = 2, KERNEL_MatTransMatMult = 3,
  KERNEL_MatMultAndMatTransMult = 4, KERNEL_MatPowMult = 5
 List of kernel id numbers.
void keropts_Usage (FILE *fp)
 Print usage statement for arguments relative to kernel options.
int keropts_Process (int argc, char *argv[], int i_start, kernel_t **p_opt)
 Process a kernel option.

Function Documentation

int keropts_Process int  argc,
char *  argv[],
int  i_start,
kernel_t **  p_opt

Process a kernel option.

[in] argc Length of argument list.
[in] argv Command-line argument list.
[in] i_start Index of argv on which to start processing.
[in,out] p_opt Address of a pointer in which to store the address of a kernel option, if processed. Must not be NULL.
Index of the next unprocessed option in argv, and sets *p_opt to be equal to the address of a new kernel_t data structure. If a kernel option cannot be processed, returns i_start and sets *p_opt to NULL.

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