mattypes_internal.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Defines a matrix type record.

This file is used for debugging only, and should not be used by end-users.

This file depends on oski/modloader.h

#include <oski/modloader.h>

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Data Structures

struct  tagBebop_mattype_t
 Matrix type record. More...


 mattype_internal.h has been included.


typedef tagBebop_mattype_t oski_mattype_t
 Matrix type record.


const oski_mattype_toski_FindMatTypeRecord (oski_id_t id)
 Find a matrix type record (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY).
void oski_DisplayMatTypeInfo (const oski_mattype_t *record, FILE *fp)
 Display a matrix type record (FOR DEBUGGING ONLY).
size_t oski_GetNumMatTypes (void)
 Returns the total number of registered matrix types.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tagBebop_mattype_t oski_mattype_t

Matrix type record.

A "matrix type" is a particular storage format, instantiated with a particular concrete integer index type and non-zero value type. In addition, this record stores a pointer to the module defining the type.

Function Documentation

void oski_DisplayMatTypeInfo const oski_mattype_t record,
FILE *  fp

Display a matrix type record (FOR DEBUGGING ONLY).

[in] record Record to display.
[in,out] fp File pointer for debugging message.

const oski_mattype_t* oski_FindMatTypeRecord oski_id_t  id  ) 

Find a matrix type record (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY).

[in] id Matrix type id.
Returns a pointer to the type record if registered, or NULL otherwise. Returns NULL immediately if id == INVALID_ID.

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