methodtypes.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Defines a set of function pointer types for "standard" matrix type module methods.

Each matrix type module may implement a variety of "methods." This file defines the signatures of these methods using function pointer typedefs.

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 oski/methodtypes.h has been included.


typedef void(* oski_InitModule_funcpt )(void)
 void oski_<NAME>_InitModule( void );
typedef void(* oski_CloseModule_funcpt )(void)
 void oski_<NAME>_CloseModule( void );
typedef const char *(* oski_GetShortDesc_funcpt )(void)
 const char * oski_<NAME>_GetShortDesc( void );
typedef const char *(* oski_GetLongDesc_funcpt )(void)
 const char * oski_<NAME>_GetLongDesc( void );

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