kerargs_MatMultAndMatTransMult_t Struct Reference

#include <keropts.h>

Detailed Description

Arguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot A\cdot x$, $z \leftarrow \zeta\cdot z + \omega\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot w$.

Data Fields

int num_calls
 Number of times to execute this kernel.
oski_index_t num_vecs
 Number of vectors.
oski_matop_t op
oski_value_t alpha
oski_vecview_t x
 Operand $x$.
oski_storage_t x_layout
 Storage layout for $x$.
oski_value_t beta
oski_vecview_t y
 Operand $y$.
oski_storage_t y_layout
 Storage layout for $y$.
oski_value_t omega
oski_vecview_t w
 Operand $w$.
oski_storage_t w_layout
 Storage layout for $w$.
oski_value_t zeta
oski_vecview_t z
 Operand $z$.
oski_storage_t z_layout
 Storage layout for $z$.

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