kernel_t Struct Reference

#include <keropts.h>

Detailed Description

Stores workload component arguments.

Data Fields

kernel_types_t kernel
 Kernel to execute.
union {
   kerargs_MatMult_t   MatMult
 Matrix-vector multiply.
   kerargs_MatTrisolve_t   MatTrisolve
 Triangular solve.
   kerargs_MatTransMatMult_t   MatTransMatMult
 $A^TA\cdot x$
   kerargs_MatMultAndMatTransMult_t   MatMultAndMatTransMult
 $(A\cdot x, \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot y)$
   kerargs_MatPowMult_t   MatPowMult
 $A^k\cdot x$
 Kernel-specific arguments.

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