Future work

This page is for discussion of projects or ideas that might be incorporated into the Sparse Matrix Converter at some time in the future. Of course, they might not be, so don't get too hopeful :) We encourage submissions of ideas -- please use the e-mail list for that.

Design philosophy

Dynamic environment

One of my goals was to keep things as dynamic as possible, because I foresee linking the SMC to an interactive environment like Matlab or some scripting / rapid prototyping language (hence the Common Lisp interface, as Lisp is excellent for rapid prototyping). Scientific computing is moving towards a more interactive user environment, even in the parallel realm, so I think it's helpful to provide an infrastructure that enables dynamic use.

One example of the SMC's dynamicity is that multiple matrices with different element data types (real, complex or pattern) can coexist simultaneously (without needing to recompile the library). Incorporation into the extensive OSKI library will allow flexible addition of new matrix formats without needing to recompile, and the option to tune the matrix datatype for maximum performance. Rich's OSKI library is an amazing piece of work, and I'm glad to have his support on this project.

Shorter-term goals

Medium-term ideas

Longer-term ideas