BeBOP Sparse Matrix Converter

What is it?

The BeBOP Sparse Matrix Converter (SMC) is a C library and standalone utility. It converts between various sparse matrix file formats, as well as internal sparse matrix storage formats. The SMC is part of my work for the Berkeley Benchmarking and Optimization Group ("BeBOP"). Its features include:

How do I get it?

Before you download the package, please send me an e-mail at "mhoemmen at cs dot berkeley dot spammers-are-bad edu" (e-mail address obfuscated to confuse spammers). I'd like to know how you plan to use the package, and if you have any feature requests.

You need to download three packages:

All packages are issued under a BSD license, and were last updated 16:47 11 Dec 2009 PDT.


See the installation instructions, as well as the README files in all packages (start with bebop_make/README).

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