BeBOP: pOSKI  v1.0.0
parallel Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface library
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poski_Kernel_common.c File Reference

Commonly used routines in kernel Handler's modules. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <poski/poski_kernelcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_threadcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_partitioncommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_malloc.h>
#include <poski/poski_print.h>


int poski_reductionMatMult (poski_vec_t vec, poski_mat_t A, poski_value_t beta, poski_operation_t op)
 [library's internal use] Reduction operation for a vector.
int poski_Check_kerneltype (poski_kernel_t ktype)
 [library's internal use] Check the kernel type.
char * poski_findkerneltype (poski_kernel_t ktype)
 [library's internal use] Find the kernel type for reporting.
int poski_Check_operations (poski_operation_t op)
 [library's internal use] Check the transpose operation type.
char * poski_findoperation (poski_operation_t op)
 [library's internal use] Find the transpose operation type for reporting.

Detailed Description

Commonly used routines in kernel Handler's modules.

This module implements the commonly used routines in kernel handler's modules.

These routines are usually for the library's internal use and should not normally be called directly by users.
Called by poski_KernelHandler.c

Also, refer poski_Kernel_matmult.c