BeBOP: pOSKI  v1.0.0
parallel Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface library
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
poski_Common.cCommonly used routines in the pOSKI library
poski_InitCloseHandler.cInitialize and clean-up the pOSKI library
poski_Kernel_common.cCommonly used routines in kernel Handler's modules
poski_Kernel_matmult.cHandle the Sparse matrix-vector computations
poski_KernelHandler.cHandle the Sparse matrix kernels
poski_LoadMatrix_common.cCommonly used routines in the poski_LoadMatrixHandler's routines
poski_LoadMatrix_HB_to_CSR.cRead the pattern of a file stored in Harwell-Boeing format
poski_LoadMatrix_MM_to_CSR.cRead the pattern of a file stored in Matrix-Market format
poski_LoadMatrixHandler.cHandle the pattern of a file stored in Harwell-Boeing or Matrix-Market format
poski_LogFileHandler.cHandle the message output file
poski_Malloc.cCustomized memory allocation routines in the pOSKI library
poski_Matrix_common.cCommonly used routines in Matrix Handler's modules
poski_Matrix_getset.cGet/Set values routines in Matrix Handler's modules
poski_MatrixHandler.cHandle the tunable sparse matrix object
poski_MessageHandler.cHandle the output messages
poski_Partition_common.cCommonly used routines in poski_PartitionHandler's routines
poski_Partition_OneD.cHandle One dimensional partitioning model
poski_Partition_SemiOneD.cHandle SemiOne dimensional partitioning model
poski_PartitionHandler.cHandle partitioning model routines
poski_PermuteHandler.cHandle the permuting routines
poski_SysConfigureHandler.cCheck the current system configurations
poski_Test_NaiveSpMV.cNaive sparse matrix-vector computation
poski_TestHandler.cCommonly used routines to test the library's routines
poski_Thread_common.cCommonly used routines in poski_ThreadHandler's routines
poski_Thread_NUMA.cControl NUMA affinity
poski_ThreadHandler.cHandle threading model routines
poski_TuneMatHandler.cTuning module implementation
poski_Vector_common.cCommonly used routines in Vector Handler's modules
poski_VectorHandler.cHandle the vector view object