BeBOP: pOSKI  v1.0.0
parallel Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface library
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poski_SysConfigureHandler.c File Reference

Check the current system configurations. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <poski/poski_system.h>
#include <poski/poski_print.h>


int poski_system_configure (void)
 Check the system configurations.
int test_main_poski_system_configure ()
 Test the poski_SySConfigureHandler's routines.

Detailed Description

Check the current system configurations.

This module implements the system configuration handler routines.

NOTE: Currently, only support Linux and Solaris.

These routines are usually for the library's internal use and should not normally be called directly by users.
Called by poski_ThreadHandler.c

Function Documentation

int poski_system_configure ( void  )

Check the system configurations.

This routine is for checking the system configurations including the pagesize and the number of cores on the system.

The number of available cores on system.

Test the poski_SySConfigureHandler's routines.

This routine is for testing the functionality of the poski_SySConfigureHandler's routines.

0 on success, an error message otherwise.