BeBOP: pOSKI  v1.0.0
parallel Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface library
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poski_Thread_common.c File Reference

Commonly used routines in poski_ThreadHandler's routines. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <poski/poski_threadcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_partitioncommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_matrixcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_vectorcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_kernelcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_tunematcommon.h>
#include <poski/poski_malloc.h>
#include <poski/poski_print.h>


int poski_Check_numthreads (poski_int_t nthreads)
 [library's internal use] Error-checking for the number of threads.
int poski_Check_threadingmodeltype (poski_threadtype_t ttype)
 [library's internal use] Error-checking for a threading model type.
char * poski_findthreadtype (poski_threadtype_t ttype)
 [library's internal use] Find the threading model type for reporting.
int poski_Copy_threadargs (poski_threadarg_t *dest, poski_threadarg_t *src)
 [library's internal use] Copy the thread object.
int poski_Check_threadargs (poski_threadarg_t *threadargs)
 [library's internal use] Error-checking for thread object.
static int poski_Init_threadpool (poski_threadpool_t *thread, poski_int_t nthreads)
 [library's internal use] Initialize threadpool object.
poski_threadpool_t * poski_CreateThreadPool (poski_int_t nthreads)
 [library's internal use] Operate a sparse matrix-vector computation in a single thread for PthreadPool model.
int poski_Destroy_threadpool (poski_threadpool_t *thread)
 [library's internal use] Destroy the threadpool object.

Detailed Description

Commonly used routines in poski_ThreadHandler's routines.

These routines are usually for the library's internal use and should not normally be called directly by users.
Called by poski_ThreadHandler.c

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