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  • OSKI 1.0 User's Guide: PDF
    (June 11, 2007) Version update.
    (March 15, 2006) Explains how to call type-specific OSKI bindings in a single source file when multiple basic scalar types are needed.
    (August 4, 2005) Updated with information on how to switch the default scalar bindings, oski_index_t and oski_value_t.
    (June 28, 2005) Contains instructions on how to install OSKI and how to start using it. Also has an appendix with the official bindings reference.
  • Overview slides: PowerPoint (with notes) | PDF
    (February 12, 2005) Presentation delivered at SIAM CSE 2005.
  • OSKI Design Document (draft): PDF
    (March 14, 2005) Sections 1 and 2 provide more background on and pointers to the research that influenced the OSKI design and implementation. For users interested in OSKI-Lua, there is a description of where we are headed with it; when it is more or less finalized, we will move this material to the User's Guide. The other sections of the design document repeat what is in the User's Guide.
  • Developer's reference
    (August 25, 2005) Full Doxygen-generated documentation for our OSKI implementation, primarily for OSKI developers.
  • Research papers
[Oski: Cal Football Team Mascot]
Oski: "Go Bears!"