module.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Compressed sparse column (CSC) implementation.

#include <oski/config.h>
#include <oski/common.h>
#include <oski/matrix.h>
#include <oski/CSC/format.h>
#include <oski/CSC/module.h>
#include <oski/CSR/module.h>
#include <oski/xforms_internal.h>


const char * oski_GetShortDesc (void)
 Method: Returns a short string description of the module.
const char * oski_GetLongDesc (void)
 Method: Returns a "long" string description of the module.
void oski_InitModule (void)
 Method: Initialize the module.
void oski_CloseModule (void)
 Method: Shutdown the module.
void oski_DestroyMatRepr (void *mat)
 Method: Destroy matrix type-specific representation.
void * oski_CopyMatRepr (const void *mat, const oski_matcommon_t *props)
 Method: Duplicate a matrix representation.
oski_matCSC_toski_WrapCSC (oski_matcommon_t *out_props, oski_index_t *Aptr, oski_index_t *Aind, oski_value_t *Aval, oski_index_t num_rows, oski_index_t num_cols, oski_inmatpropset_t *props, oski_copymode_t mode)
 Create a new CSC-specific wrapper around a raw CSC array representation.
void * oski_CreateMatReprFromCSR (const oski_matCSR_t *mat, const oski_matcommon_t *props,...)
 Method: Instantiate from an existing CSR representation.
oski_matCSR_toski_ConvertMatReprToCSR (const void *mat, const oski_matcommon_t *props)
 Method: Convert to CSR format.
int oski_CreateLuaMatReprFromCSR (lua_State *L)
 Matrix-type specific method to convert from a CSR matrix, with arguments passed on the Lua stack.

Function Documentation

oski_matCSC_t* oski_WrapCSC oski_matcommon_t out_props,
oski_index_t *  Aptr,
oski_index_t *  Aind,
oski_value_t *  Aval,
oski_index_t  num_rows,
oski_index_t  num_cols,
oski_inmatpropset_t props,
oski_copymode_t  mode

Create a new CSC-specific wrapper around a raw CSC array representation.

If any of the asserted properties can be strengthened, then the parameter props (below) is changed accordingly. See oski_CheckCSR() for details.

[out] out_props Matrix type-independent properties, derived from the input properties props.
[in] Aptr Row pointers.
[in] Aind Column indices.
[in] Aval Non-zero values.
[in,out] props Semantic properties of the matrix represented by
[in] num_rows Number of rows.
[in] num_cols Number of columns. Aptr, Aind, and Aval.
[in] mode Specify the copy mode for the returned representation.
All pointer arguments are non-NULL

num_rows, num_cols are non-negative

mode is a legal value.

See also:
A matrix type-specific representation of the input matrix, or NULL on error.

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