BeBOP Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface Library Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
kerargs_MatMult_tArguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot x$
kerargs_MatMultAndMatTransMult_tArguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot A\cdot x$, $z \leftarrow \zeta\cdot z + \omega\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot w$
kerargs_MatPowMult_t$y \leftarrow \beta y + \alpha \mathrm{op}(A)^p\cdot x$
kerargs_MatTransMatMult_tArguments for the kernel, $y \leftarrow \beta\cdot y + \alpha\cdot \mathrm{op}(A)\cdot x$
kerargs_MatTrisolve_tArguments for the kernel, $x \leftarrow \alpha\mathrm{op}(T^{-1})\cdot x$
kernel_tStores workload component arguments
matopts_tStores valid matrix options
oski_fillprofile_BCSR_tStores a 'fill ratio estimate' profile
oski_heurrec_tHeuristic record
oski_inmatpropset_tCollected input matrix property settings
oski_matBDIAG1_tStores a single block diagonal (BDIAG1)
oski_matCB_tCache block format
oski_matcommon_tMatrix type-independent data
oski_matCSC_tCompressed sparse column (CSC) format
oski_matCSR_tCompressed sparse row (CSR) format
oski_matDENSE_tDense column major format
oski_matGCSR_tGeneralized compressed sparse row (GCSR) format
oski_matlua_tOSKI-Lua userdata structure, wrapper around a generic matrix type
oski_matMATTYPE_TEMPLATE_tCustom matrix (MATTYPE_TEMPLATE) data structure
oski_matspecific_tMatrix type-specific representation
oski_matstruct_tGeneric matrix representation
oski_matVBR_tVariable block row (VBR) format
oski_mregblock_tStores the results of evaluating the register blocking heuristic
oski_permstruct_tGeneric row/column permutation structure
oski_profile_BCSRMatMult_tStores a register blocking profile
oski_profile_MBCSRMatMult_tStores a register blocking profile
oski_profile_MBCSRSymmMatMult_tStores a register blocking profile
oski_regblock_tStores the results of evaluating the register blocking heuristic
oski_regprof_tStores a complete register profile
oski_regprofheur_tStores results of register blocking heuristic evaluation
oski_regprofkernel_tStores kernel-specific register profile information
oski_structhint_tStructural hint record
oski_submatCB_tCache block
oski_symmrb_tStores the results of evaluating the register blocking heuristic
oski_traceargs_MatMult_tTrace argument signature for oski_MatMult()
oski_traceargs_MatMultAndMatTransMult_tStore features of the input arguments to the oski_MatMultAndMatTransMult() kernel
oski_traceargs_MatPowMult_tTrace argument signature for oski_MatPowMult()
oski_traceargs_MatTransMatMult_tTrace argument signature for oski_MatTransMatMult()
oski_tracerec_tA trace record that stores the number of times a kernel has been (and/or will be) called with a particular argument list
oski_vecstruct_tMultivector view structure
tagBebop_kerinfo_tKernel descriptor record
tagBebop_matBCSR_tBlock compressed sparse row (BCSR) format
tagBebop_matMBCSR_tModified block compressed sparse row (MBCSR) format
tagBebop_matTRIPART_tTriangular partition (TRIPART), or the "switch-to-dense" data structure
tagBebop_mattype_tMatrix type record
tagBebop_scalinfo_tInformation about an available scalar type
tagBebop_timerstruct_tStores 'stop-watch' timer data
tagComplex_tSingle precision complex data type
tagDoublecomplex_tDouble precision complex data type
tagindvalpair_tTemporary array element structure containing an integer index and its corresponding scalar non-zero value
tagOski_submat_tDefines a rectangular submatrix consisting of a given number of consecutive rows and columns, starting at a given offset
tagOski_submatMBCSR_tStores an MBCSR "submatrix"
tagSimplelist_tSimple list object
tagSimplelistIterator_tIterator object for a simple list
tagSimplenode_tNode in the linked list

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