Single Block Diagonal (BDIAG1) Format
[Matrix Types]

Detailed Description

BDIAG1 format stores only 1 block diagonal of a matrix, where the blocks are stored as dense blocks of size $b\times b$.

This format is intended for use as an auxiliary format, supporting such formats as MBCSR.


file  BDIAG1/module.h
 Block compressed sparse row (BDIAG1) implementation.
file  src/BDIAG1/convert.c
 Conversion between CSR and BDIAG1 format.
file  src/BDIAG1/getset.c
 BDIAG1 get/set value routines.
file  src/BDIAG1/matmult.c
 BDIAG1 implementation of SpMV.
file  BDIAG1/module.c
 Single block diagonal (BDIAG1) module.
 oski/BDIAG1/format.h included.

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