Matrix Type Template
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Detailed Description

Developers implementing their own matrix types can start with this template, replacing all instances of MATTYPE_TEMPLATE within these files to the custom matrix type name (e.g., CSR, BCSR).

For a detailed description of the data structure and its fields, see oski_matMATTYPE_TEMPLATE_t.


file  MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/format.h
 Custom matrix data structure.
file  MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/module.h
 Custom matrix module.
file  MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/a_and_at.c
 MATTYPE_TEMPLATE implementation of the simultaneous multiplication by sparse $A$ and $op(A) \in \{A, A^T, \bar{A}^T=A^H\}$.
file  src/MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/ata.c
 MATTYPE_TEMPLATE implementation of the sparse $A^TA\cdot x$ kernel.
file  src/MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/convert.c
 Conversion between CSR and MATTYPE_TEMPLATE format.
file  src/MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/getset.c
 MATTYPE_TEMPLATE get/set value routines.
file  src/MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/matmult.c
 MATTYPE_TEMPLATE implementation of SpMV.
file  MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/module.c
 Modified block compressed sparse row (MATTYPE_TEMPLATE) module.
 oski/MATTYPE_TEMPLATE/format.h included.

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