modcommon.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definitions and structures common to dynamically shared modules.

#include <oski/mangle.h>

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Mangled names.

#define oski_InitModule   MANGLE_MOD_(oski_InitModule)
#define oski_CloseModule   MANGLE_MOD_(oski_CloseModule)
#define oski_GetShortDesc   MANGLE_MOD_(oski_GetShortDesc)
#define oski_GetLongDesc   MANGLE_MOD_(oski_GetLongDesc)


 oski/modcommon.h included.


const char * oski_GetShortDesc (void)
 Method: Returns a short string description of the module.
const char * oski_GetLongDesc (void)
 Method: Returns a "long" string description of the module.
void oski_InitModule (void)
 Method: Initialize the module.
void oski_CloseModule (void)
 Method: Shutdown the module.

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