oski_matlua_t Struct Reference

#include <lua.h>

Detailed Description

OSKI-Lua userdata structure, wrapper around a generic matrix type.

Invariant: Let A be an instance of oski_matlua_t. If A.mat != NULL, then the information in A.{mattype_name, ind_type, val_type} should be consistent with it. Moreover, if A.mat == NULL, then A.mat may only be replaced by an instance of a matrix representation consistent with the type data, A.{mattype_name, ind_type, val_type}.

Data Fields

const oski_matcommon_tprops
 Type-independent properties.
oski_matspecific_t mat
 Type-dependent properties.
char * mattype_name
 Type of this instance.
oski_id_t ind_type
 Scalar integer index type.
oski_id_t val_type
 Scalar non-zero value type.

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