oski_structhint_t Struct Reference
[Set explicit workload hints.]

#include <structhint.h>

Detailed Description

Structural hint record.

Data Fields

struct {
   int   num_sizes
 Number of specified block sizes, $k$.
   int *   r_sizes
 $r_1, \ldots, r_k$.
   int *   c_sizes
 $c_1, \ldots, c_k$.
 Dense block substructure (Group 1 hints).
int is_unaligned
 Dense block alignment (Group 2 hints).
int is_symm
 Symmetric structure (Group 3 hints).
int is_random
 Correlated pattern hints (Group 4 hints).
struct {
   int   num_lens
 Number of specified diagonal lengths, $k$.
   int *   d_lens
 Diagonal lengths, $d_1, \ldots, d_k$.
 Diagonal lengths structure (Group 5 hints).

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