oski_vecstruct_t Struct Reference

#include <vector.h>

Detailed Description

Multivector view structure.

A multivector view is a wrapper around a conventional linearized dense matrix representation. The view abstracts these implementation details:

In addition, we maintain two redundant parameters: the row element distance and column element distance. The row element distance is the number of array elements between A(i, j) and A(i+1, j). Similarly, the column element distance is the distance between A(i, j) and A(i, j+1).

For instance, a matrix stored in row major layout with stride L has a row distance of L and a column distance of 1.

Data Fields

oski_index_t num_rows
 Number of logical rows.
oski_index_t num_cols
 Number of logical columns.
oski_storage_t orient
 Row- or column-major layout.
oski_index_t stride
 Leading dimension.
oski_index_t rowinc
 Distance in elements between rows.
oski_index_t colinc
 Distance in elements between columns.
oski_value_t * val
 Matrix storage.

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