tagBebop_mattype_t Struct Reference

#include <mattypes_internal.h>

Detailed Description

Matrix type record.

A "matrix type" is a particular storage format, instantiated with a particular concrete integer index type and non-zero value type. In addition, this record stores a pointer to the module defining the type.

Data Fields

oski_id_t id
 Unique positive integer id.
char * name
 Unique short string identifier, [0-9a-zA-Z_]+.
oski_id_t id_index_type
 Integer index type (see oski/scalinfo.h).
oski_id_t id_value_type
 Non-zero value type (see oski/scalinfo.h).
char * desc
 A short, descriptive string for this matrix type (primarily used for debugging).
char * modname
 Name of this type's shared library module, e.g., "liboski_mat_CSR_Tid".
oski_modhandle_t module
 Pointer to the shared library module implementing this type.

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