tagOski_submatMBCSR_t Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Detailed Description

Stores an MBCSR "submatrix".

An $m\times n$ matrix $B$ stored in $r\times c$ MBCSR submatrix format must satisfy the following conditions:

Let $M = \frac{m}{r}$ be the number of block rows. Then $B$ is stored in 4 arrays, $(P, J, V, D)$, as follows:

Data Fields

oski_index_t num_block_rows
 # of full block rows; if 0, all other fields are invalid.
oski_index_t offset
 Row/column index of first diagonal block.
oski_index_t r
 Row block size.
oski_index_t c
 Column block size.
oski_index_t * bptr
 Block row pointers.
oski_index_t * bind
 Column indices.
oski_value_t * bval
 Non-zero value off-diagonal blocks.
oski_value_t * bdiag
 Non-zero value diagonal blocks.
char * mod_name
 Name of module at this block size.
void * mod_cached
 Cached implementation.

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