tune.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Tuning interface.

#include <oski/common.h>
#include <oski/matrix.h>

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Name mangling.

#define oski_TuneMat   MANGLE_(oski_TuneMat)
#define oski_GetMatTransforms   MANGLE_(oski_GetMatTransforms)
#define oski_ApplyMatTransforms   MANGLE_(oski_ApplyMatTransforms)

Tuning status codes.

#define TUNESTAT_AS_IS   0
 Did not change data structure.
#define TUNESTAT_NEW   1
 Changed data structure.


 oski/tune.h has been included.


int oski_TuneMat (oski_matrix_t A_tunable)
 Tune the matrix object using all hints and implicit profiling data.
char * oski_GetMatTransforms (const oski_matrix_t A_tunable)
 Returns a string representation of the data structure transformations that were applied to the given matrix during tuning.
int oski_ApplyMatTransforms (const oski_matrix_t A_tunable, const char *xforms)
 Replace the current data structure for a given matrix object with a new data structure specified by a given string.

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