workload.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Routines for simulating an arbitrary workload.

#include <oski/oski.h>
#include <oski/simplelist.h>
#include <oski/mangle.h>
#include "keropts.h"

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Name mangling.

#define workload_CreateData   MANGLE_(workload_CreateData)
#define workload_SetHints   MANGLE_(workload_SetHints)
#define workload_Run   MANGLE_(workload_Run)
#define workload_CountFlopsPerNz   MANGLE_(workload_CountFlopsPerNz)


 bench/workload.h included


void workload_CreateData (oski_index_t num_rows, oski_index_t num_cols, simplelist_t *workload)
 Allocate temporary arrays for workload simulation.
void workload_SetHints (oski_matrix_t A, simplelist_t *workload, int always_tune)
 Call OSKI to set workload hints.
void workload_Run (const oski_matrix_t A, const simplelist_t *workload)
 Simulate one execution of a given workload.
double workload_CountFlopsPerNz (const simplelist_t *workload)
 Return the number of flops executed per non-zero element for a given workload.

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