Compressed Sparse Column (CSC) Format
[Matrix Types]

Detailed Description

The CSC implementation reuses most of the CSR (Compressed Sparse Row (CSR) Format) infrastructure, since the arrays representing a matrix $A$ in CSC format are the same as the arrays that would be used to store $A^T$ in CSR format.

Therefore, the oski_matCSC_t data structure for storing CSC matrices is simply a wrapper around oski_matCSR_t.


file  CSC/format.h
 Compressed sparse column data structure.
file  CSC/module.h
 Compressed sparse column implementation.
file  src/CSC/getset.c
 CSC get/set value routines.
file  src/CSC/matmult.c
 CSC SpMV implementation.
file  CSC/module.c
 Compressed sparse column (CSC) implementation.
file  src/CSC/trisolve.c
 CSC sparse triangular solve implementation.
 oski/CSC/format.h included.

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