oski_matstruct_t Struct Reference

#include <matrix.h>

Detailed Description

Generic matrix representation.

This structure is a wrapper around the library's representation of the matrix comprising these components:

Data Fields

oski_matcommon_t props
 Type-independent properties.
oski_matspecific_t input_mat
 Input matrix representation.
int is_shared
 0 <==> input matrix not shared with user
double time_stream
 Time to stream input matrix.
oski_structhint_t structhints
 Stores structural hints.
oski_trace_t workhints
 Stores workload hints.
oski_trace_t trace
 Stores kernel call trace.
oski_timer_t timer
 Preallocated stopwatch.
oski_matspecific_t tuned_mat
 Tuned matrix representation.
char * tuned_xforms
 Tuning transformation string.

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