oski_submatCB_t Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Detailed Description

Cache block.

This data structure defines a single cache block, which is an $R\times C$ submatrix beginning at position $(i_0, j_0)$ (0-based indices) of a larger matrix.

Data Fields

oski_index_t row
 Starting row offset, $i_0$.
oski_index_t col
 Starting column offset, $j_0$.
oski_index_t num_rows
 Number of rows.
oski_index_t num_cols
 Number of columns.
oski_index_t num_zero_rows
 Number of zero rows.
oski_index_t nnz
 Number of non-zeros.
oski_matrix_t mat
 Pointer to a matrix handle.

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